Yoonsang Kim

PhD Candidate
Computer Science
Stony Brook University,  USA
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Research Interests
Multi-user collaboration scenarios in AR/VR/MR | Platform/Device-agnostic scenarios in AR/VR/MR |
Privacy/Security in AR/VR/MR | Visualization using neural representations | Efficient rendering techniques
Keywords: Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, XR Security, Data Visualization, Computer Graphics, User Interface, Interaction in XR
Aug. 2020 -
Graduate Student - PhD
Department of Computer Science
Aug. 2018 - May. 2020
Graduate Student - MS
Department of Computer Science
Mar. 2010 - Feb. 2017
Undergraduate Student
School of Computer Science and Engineering
Major courses enrolled
Biomedical Image Processing / Computer Graphics / Capstone Design / EMC-Cloud Computing / Intelligent System / Formal Language & Automata /
File Processing / Compiler / Probability & Statistics / Web Programming / Database / Operating Systems / Internet Programming / Operating Systems /
Algorithm / Data Structure / Network Programming / Computer Architecture / Computer Network & Communication / C Programming / Java Programming /
MFC Programming / Elementary Engineering Mathematics / Programming Language / Computer Mathematics / Software Design / Logic Circuit Design & Lab /
Design of Creative Engineering Process / Seminar on Future Information Technology / Software Engineering /
Feb. 2015 - Jul. 2015
Exchange Student
School of Computer Science
Courses enrolled : all credits converted into Soongsil Univ.
Software Design(Master's course) / Project System Development / Global Project / Basic German A1 Level /
Erebus: Access Control for Augmented Reality Systems
Yoonsang Kim*, Sanket Goutham*, Amir Rahmati, Arie E Kaufman. USENIX Security 2023
#AR Security #Mobile #Systems #Interface
Submerse: Visualizing Storm Surge Flooding Simulations in Immersive Display Ecologies
Saeed Boorboor, Yoonsang Kim, Ping Hu, Josef M Moses, Brian A Colle, Arie E Kaufman. TVCG 2023 (Under review)
#VR #AR #Visualization #Mobile #Interaction #Interface
Design of Privacy Preservation System in Augmented Reality
Yoonsang Kim, Saeed Boorboor, Amir Rahmati, Arie E Kaufman. VizSec Poster 2021
#AR #AR Security #Systems #Interface
Modeling Two Dimensional Touch Pointing
Yu-Jung Ko, Hang Zhao, Yoonsang Kim, IV Ramakrishnan, Shumin Zhai, Xiaojun Bi. UIST 2020
#HCI #Mobile #Interaction #Interface
Using Bayes' Theorem for Command Input: Principle, Models, and Applications
Suwen Zhu, Yoonsang Kim, Jingjie Zheng, Jennifer Yi Luo, Ryan Qin, Liuping Wang, Xiangmin Fan, Feng Tian, Xiaojun Bi. CHI 2020
#HCI #Mobile #Interaction #Interface
Flexible Remote Control Application for Virtual Reality using Virtual Graphic Driver and OpenCV
Yoonsang Kim, Geunyeop Ha, Sangjun Lee. 2017. International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, Volume 12, Number 19, pp. 8952-8955
#VR #AR #Systems #Interface
Design and Implementation of Remote Control Application in Virtual Reality Environment using a Virtual Graphic Driver and OpenCV
Yoonsang Kim, Geunyeop Ha, Dongyeon Kim, Sangjun Lee. 2016. Korean Institute of Information Scientists and Engineers Winter Conference
#VR #AR #Systems #Interface
Side Projects
Virtual desktop without an I/O device
Jun. 2016 - Dec. 2016
- Combined mixed reality with a remote desktop and motion recognition to use computer in a virtual reality controlled only by hand
- Used Samsung Gear VR as a display, and a Virtual Graphic Driver for a remote desktop display output, and OpenCV to analyze user’s hand gestures
In detail Keyword
Computer vision / Virtual graphics driver / Remote desktop / VR / Hand motion recognition / Convex hull / K-curvature / OpenCV / Unity5 / C# / C++ /
Developed as a contestant, under the supervision of Prof. Jeongjin Lee & Sangjun Lee for the Soongsil University Software Competition 2016, Soongsil University, Korea
Cell counter
Sep. 2015 - Dec. 2015
- Analyzed cells to simplify the arduous process of cell counting for researchers
- Collaborated with Biomedical Science and Computer Science majors
- Utilized OpenCV and a labelling process to analyze the images, and C#(WPF) for the interface of the program
In detail Keyword
Image processing / Labeling / 8-Connectivity / Extreme point / Ratio of w:h / OpenCV / WPF / C /
Developed as a contestant, under the supervision of Prof. Jeongjin Lee for Soongsil University IT·BT Convergence Software Competition 2015, Soongsil University, Korea
Coding assignment submission web
Mar. 2015 - Jul. 2015
- Allows enrolled students to submit code and provides professors with the status of submission as well as code errors
- Provide runtime and compile error check function from server to client
In detail Keyword
Web server / Runtime error check / Static analysis / Cppcheck / Clang++ / Valgind / PHP / HTML / jQuery /
Developed as an undergraduate exchange student, under the supervision of Prof. Michael Roth for the Project System Development, Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, Germany
Dream palette
Dec. 2016 - Mar. 2016
- Rapid paced game combined with the concept of Subtractive Color Mixing to enhance children’s understandings of colors
- Collaborated with students from Computer Graphic Design and Computer Science
- Utilized Unity5 to develop the game, and After Effects and Photoshop to create the images used in the game
In detail Keyword
Games / Subtractive color mixing / Ray tracing / Texture map / Unity5 / Andriod / C# /
Developed as a contestant, under the supervision of Student Mentor Seungjun Jeong for Microsoft’s Imagine Cup 2016, Korea
I have only stated major projects before 2018
For updated list of studies, please refer to my LinkedIn profile or contact me via email
[email protected]
Award Scholarship for Software Competition
- School of Computer science and Engineering, Soongsil University
Award Scholarship for IT·BT Software Convergence Engineering Competition
- School of Computer science and Engineering, Soongsil University
Government Scholarship for ICI-ECP Exchange Student
- Soongsil University, Ministry of Education ( Korea )
Academic Excellence Scholarship
- School of Computer science and Engineering, Soongsil University
Honors & Awards
Best Data Science / Artificial Intelligence Hackathon Award
- SBU Hacks, Stony Brook University
Dean’s Award in Software Competition
- Dean, Soongsil University
National Semi-Finalist in the Imagine Cup 2016
- Microsoft Korea, Microsoft
Gold Award in IT·BT Software Convergence Engineering Competition
- School of Computer science and Engineering, Soongsil University
Language Proficiency
Native in Korean

English skill
- IBT TOEFL : 109 (Reading: 27, Listening: 27, Speaking: 27, Writing: 28)
German skill
- Beginner Level ( A1 )
Technical Skills
C, C# (+Unity {GameEngine})
Python (+ PyTorch, Scikit-learn, Pandas, OpenCV, Numpy)
HLSL (+Compute Shader), VTK, Vuforia AR Toolkit, Google VR SDK
C++ (+ OpenGL, WINAPI, MFC), C# (WPF), C++/CLI
Go, JavaScript (+ D3.js), Java, MATLAB, PHP, JSP, Android, HTML